fall&winter 2020/21
After our journey to the Dolomites in the last season, there are so many more reasons to follow our story in Scandinavia again than merely the nature of its seemingly frozen in time or one the most breathtaking places on the planet.
unique and irrestible appeal to make inspiration a perfect feeling
Following a heritage, Nordbron was finally able to decide to make the beautiful area of Snæfellsnes-og Hnappadalssýsla as a focal point of inspiration, which is just off the northwest coast of Iceland.
”on a quest to continue the search unique and magic platforms for creative process”
The following days in Djúpalónssandur black beach, Snæfellsjökull mountain, Snæfellsbær town, Kolgrafarfjördur, and Snæfellsnes consisted of some of the craziest inspirations Nordbron has ever experienced, but with that came intense inspirations and one of the best journeys of its life. The variety of natural landscapes, from spectacular views of the old city to the plenty of rocky cliffs, rivers, and waterfalls to discover, along with the characteristic villages in the hills are what makes Iceland so unique and magical here that Nordbron discovered everything needs as the ideal platform for its creative process.

Using these elements of this design attitude, nordbron canvased all seasonal trends producing hundreds of these consequent items. Between all collections from All Time Icon, Woman, Man, and kids, adopters could spot and recognize nordbron’s extensive work spanning across the city and nature, and would regularly engage with the brand whenever they crossed its path.